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Somehow, the secret of the. Cahills' centuries-old power had been lost -- a secret that could only be found by assembling 39 Clues. Those. Clues were hidden. Teaching the Book. One False Note continues the adventures of Amy and Dan Cahill as they crisscross Europe in their quest to discover the 39 Clues needed to . The 39 Clues, Book 2 “One False Note” - Author Gordon Korman Target Ages – 5th – 10th Grades This motivational tool will be used to spark interest in the book .

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39 Clues One False Note Pdf

Register Free To Download Files | File Name: One False Note The 39 Clues Book 2 PDF. ONE FALSE NOTE THE 39 CLUES BOOK 2. Download: One False . The 39 Clues #2: One False Note PDF Download eBook (Adventure; English; MB) 2nd book in The 39 Clues adventure series by Gordan Korman. The 39 Clues: Book Two: One False Note: Book Report Form The 39 Clues: Book Two: One False Note book report form (PDF File) · Customize the The

In the first book, The Maze of Bones by Rick Riordan, we met Amy and Dan Cahill, two young kids who suddenly find themselves in a hunt for the most powerful secret in the world. Unfortunately, they are up against their vicious relatives. The 39 Clues is a multi-author series and Gordon Korman is a great person to write the second book in the series. He is an amazing author, lately becoming an expert at writing adventure books. As usual with Gordon Korman, the book did not disappoint.

There was a problem filtering reviews right now. Please try again later. Hardcover Verified download. First, I'll say that the book I received was in great condition. The 39 Clues series include very important "Clue Cards" on the inside cover to use with the online club and gaming associated with the story. The used book listing I downloadd stated that the condition of the book was "Very Good", and gave no indication that the cards were missing. The book arrived without the cards inside.

I have contacted the seller, but I've received no response.

If an item is listed as "Very Good", that would imply that it is fully intact. Selling this book without the cards is basically equivalent to ripping out the last chapter but stating that the rest of the book is in excellent condition. Since he is reading adult books now I thought this 39 clues looked too juvenille for him. When I looked into the series and saw the list of characters involved in the stories, I changed my mind and got them for him.

He loves them but they are on the short side and he finishes them quickly. I dont feel like i'm getting my money's worth. But still, thumbs up. One person found this helpful. I have not read this book but my 10 year old has. He reports that it was a good boy and really enjoyed it. Time to order the next one! My 9 year old grandson loved this. The are my grandaughter's favorite books. She reads them at least twice. She is Kindle Edition Verified download.

As I mentioned in my last post, I am downloading this series for my grandson for Christmas. Now I'm on to book three, and I'm hooked. It's like reading Harry Potter but with different characters. I'll have the books read before Jackson even opens up his set on Christmas morning. The characters keep up a fast pace in this adventure appropriate for readers age 9- 13 and Moms who like a good read.

Lots of history delivered in a way to push the story forward. Dan is again such a likable kid that every person can relate to him- yes we all complain about boring museums and all struggle with being given credit for doing a good job.

At pages this book with shorter chapters will not daunt and even engage reluctant readers as long as there is nothing better to do. My 9-year-old son and I are reading the first book in this series, "The Maze of Bones", and really enjoying it. I bought this one to continue reading about all the clues.

These books are very good, but I wouldn't recommend them for under age 9. It can be a little confusing when downloading, so just know that different authors have written books in this series. See all reviews. site Giveaway allows you to run promotional giveaways in order to create buzz, reward your audience, and attract new followers and customers.

Learn more about site Giveaway. I wish I could fit into a luggage bin like Saladin. Surely France has a law against five Neanderthals picking on a couple of kids. Remember, Social Services is still looking for us in Boston. They begin to build a barricade with the mailbags, wedging the topmost — a freeze dried ham — under the door handle.

A flurry of shouts came from the adjoining car. The Holts were almost upon them. Amy reaches for the hatch next to the coach.

She turns to her brother. Dan picks up a Hockey Stick. Narrator — Eisenhower takes a running leap at the door. With a teeth-jarring crash, the hatch splintered loose and slammed into Dan. Dan goes down hard. The stick clatters to the floor. Amy screams. Eisenhower — Wobbles and falls to the floor. Dan — Sits up and says with amazement.

Holts stormed the car. Madison Holt grabs Amy by the collar. Reagan Holt yanks Dan upright.

One False Note - Wikipedia

They were caught. Their anxious eyes followed the readout as the numbers counted down from sixteen.

Suddenly, Dan's hand snaked out and pressed 2. She was nearly hysterical. I'm not jumping! We'll break our legs! Six feet below stretched a canvas awning that ran across the front entrance. He swung a leg over the stone railing. Amy watched in horror, expecting him to tear through the fabric and be dashed to pieces on the concrete. Instead, the awning held. Grinning up at her, he crawled to the edge of the canvas, found a steel support, and shinnied to the sidewalk.

He waved at her with Nannerl's diary. Never had Amy experienced fear on so many different levels all at the same time -- fear of capture; fear for Nellie; fear for her crazy brother, who was too stupid to know what couldn't be done; and a very real fear of stepping off a second-story balcony onto a fragile piece of cloth.

I can't do it I just can't The flood of shame was almost as overwhelming as her terror. Some Cahill she turned out to be! The future of the entire world was at stake, and she couldn't cajole herself into a six-foot drop -- not even after seeing her 49 eleven-year-old brother do it. She might as well let Jonah have the diary. Or the Holts or the Kabras.

Her grandmother had been wrong about her. She didn't have what it took. Sorry, Grace It was this thought that jolted Amy into sudden explosive action. She was already falling through the air before she'd actually come to the decision to do it. She hit the fabric like an errant trapeze artist into a safety net. Seconds later, Dan was hauling her down to the street. They were in a taxi and blocks away before either of them dared to speak.

The greeting they received from Saladin didn't help their general mood. The Egyptian Mau still refused cat food, and, in fact, had spread his dinner all over the carpet. A fishy smell hung in the air. In addition, the scratching had gotten worse than ever and was beginning to wear away the fur around his collar. Both Cahills were exhausted, but neither thought of sleep.

Nellie was all that was important now. They'd been so focused on the 39 Clues that they hadn't considered how much their au pair was giving up to stick with them and their quest. She had put her life 50 on hold, traveled thousands of miles from home, and even charged many of their expenses on her personal credit card. Sure, they planned to pay her back. Amy and Dan had jewelry from Grace that was probably worth a lot of money.

But jewelry could be lost or stolen, and there was no guarantee that they would win the contest. There was no guarantee that they would even survive it. Now Nellie was missing -- caught, probably under arrest. And there was nothing Amy and Dan could do about it.

Nothing but wait. At two a. The sudden knocking was such a jolt to their frayed nerves that they almost tackled each other running to answer the door. Another competitor in the search for the 39 Clues, and no joke. Irina was rumored to be an ex-KGB agent, ruthless, efficient, and potentially deadly.

Readers Theatre The 39 Clues One False Note Book 2.pdf

She got right to the point. I believe I am capable of looking through the window of a police car. But if you do not need my help -- " Amy seized on this.

Thank you! Shall we say the item you removed from the hotel room of our obnoxious cousin Jonah Wizard? Perhaps you should not let him speak at all. In the KGB, we found duct tape to be both effective and affordable.

They had risked their lives to get the diary. Not to mention the fact that Irina wanting it only proved their suspicion that it was important. But they couldn't let Nellie go to jail for them. If their Russian cousin could free her, they had no choice but to make the deal. Amy watched in surprise as her brother went to her backpack on the nightstand.

But instead of taking out the Nannerl diary, he reached into his jacket pocket 52 and produced the Jonah Wizard action figure he had taken from suite He's trying to give her the wrong thing! Amy struggled to contain her terror as Dan offered the toy to Irina. The ex-KGB agent made no move to accept it. You are not serious. Amy wanted to scream. What if Irina knows what she's looking for? She stared imploringly at her brother.

He didn't pick up on the message. The former spy did not utter a sound, but a vein on her forehead stood out and bulged as if it were about to explode. Her eyes fell eagerly upon the website code illuminated at the back of Jonah's headband.

Expect your nanny shortly. What if Irina knew about the diary? Or the code! She might have seen the commercial about the screen saver! You could have gotten Nellie killed, and maybe us, too! In case you haven't noticed, I did something good! We've still got the diary, and Irina is going to spring Nellie. Do you think it'll be a real prison break? Too bad we can't watch. Whatever she can do to the Viennese police she can turn on us at any moment.

That's something to celebrate! She took a step back, frowning. She just left five minutes ago. They think I'm a deranged Jonah Wizard fan. Apparently, the hotel's full of them. A couple of idiots actually jumped off the front balcony. Can you picture that?

Then I didn't want to lead them to you, so I had them drop me off at the Hotel Wiener. I've been walking ever since. But don't worry -- it only rained for the last half mile. We know the Holts, Irina, and Jonah are just a heartbeat away from us. We've got to move fast if we're going to stay ahead. Both ran to stand directly beneath the chandelier where they had hidden Nannerl's diary.

The dark shape was no longer there. A few strands of crystals hung broken. Wizard raged at the hotel manager, who had gotten out of bed to apologize to this very important guest. Your talented son has this effect on the young ladies, yes? It was no mere fan who had broken into the suite and stolen Nannerl Mozart's diary. This could only be the work of one of their 39 Clues competitors.

A Cahill inside job. The famous face creased into a frown. When you kicked back with Hollywood A-listers and the giga-celebrity crowd, it was tough to recognize your average nobody off the street. Yet the woman in the picture looked sort of familiar. Why did Jonah know that person? It was the Cahill kids' nursemaid -- Nancy or Netta, something like that.

So Amy and Dan had made it to Vienna, too. Worse, they'd turned out to be a step ahead of him. Jonah Wizard didn't like to be second best at anything. Not in the TV ratings, not on the pop charts, and definitely not in the contest. When you're on top, you've got the confidence. The confidence gives you the attitude. And the attitude is what keeps you on top. A twinge of misgiving vibrated in the deepest, darkest recess of his mind.

Yeah, he was number one across the board, dominating just about every category of the entertainment industry. And he deserved that success. He'd earned it. Sweat and hard work, man. That Wizard mojo. But it doesn't hurt when your mom is Cora Wizard, with mucho connections in every field of the arts The megastar grimaced. This was why he could never let his guard down! One little setback, and he was already starting to doubt himself.

If you lose -- even once -- it becomes a habit. And before you know it, you're a loser. He couldn't allow the Cahill kids to get the better of him. Luckily, he knew something about the diary that Amy and Dan still had to find out. He kept his distance, trying to interest Saladin in a tin of tuna fish, while Nellie and Amy huddled over the leather-bound journal. Nellie was translating Maria Anna Mozart's flowery, old-fashioned script.

And yet very few people have even heard of her. She was a great genius -- every bit as brilliant as her brother. But in those days, girls were just supposed to get married, and cook, and clean, and have babies. I mean, I've heard of Baby Mozart -- you know, the video -- " Nellie scowled in his direction.

We're talking about some of the most famous melodies of all time. He said he wanted to use his contract as toilet paper.

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Show me! She turned the next leaf, peering intently at the spine of the notebook. At least two. Amy was right. The thief had been extra careful to disguise his crime -- the missing material had been cut out with a very sharp blade. The excision was almost unnoticeable. Those pages could have been removed any time between then and now. For all we know, Nannerl cut them out herself because she spilled ink on them. I've never seen such a bunch of backstabbers in my life. And we're the only ones who have that.

Let's take it down to the lobby. I saw a piano there. It would have been nit-picking to notice that the sheet music was written on the back of a Eurail napkin, and that the girl played falteringly. Maybe a trapdoor will open, or we'll call up the Cahill genie or something.

Suddenly, there was a woman standing beside the piano, lifting her voice in song. The lyrics were German, but it was obvious that the tune was familiar and brought the lady pleasure. It is an old Austrian folk song called 'Der Ort, wo ich geboren war. I haven't heard it for many years. That's the clue! Some old song? And that's where we have to go.

Part of this might have been Nellie's fault. She'd never driven a stick shift before. And Dan said yes so readily that she was sorry she'd asked. Saladin spent the entire three-hour drive carsick. But luckily, since the cat wasn't eating anything, he also had nothing to throw up. The trip would have been roomier and much more pleasant on the train. But their encounter with the Holts on the ride from Paris had soured them on travel by rail.

On a public train, they were too easy to spot. They could be more anonymous in a car. With the latest lead in their hands and theirs only, surely all the other teams would be gunning for them. Despite the uneven ride, the scenery was spectacular. The autobahn wound through the Austrian Alps like a ribbon twisting among the feet of giants. Soon their necks ached from craning out the windows, gazing up at dizzying snowcapped peaks. You're not dragging me to another Mozart house.

Not when I haven't even recovered from the last one! We go where the clues are. He sat up suddenly. Nellie stomped on the brake with all her might.

Nellie was almost berserk. Amy grabbed her wrist. Alistair Oh, their Korean cousin, yet another competitor in the contest. They watched as Uncle Alistair loped across the street and boarded a bus parked at the opposite curb. She waved gaily at the Salzburg drivers who were cursing and honking. Don't we still have an alliance with him from Paris? McIntyre said," Amy countered.

But Uncle Alistair sure saved our butts in the Catacombs. If there's one thing we ought to know by now, it's that Cahills have been fighting each other for centuries. He'd do anything to distract us from the thirty-nine clues. Passengers got on, but no one got off. The streets were crowded with cars and taxis, and throngs of sightseers were everywhere.

A high school group stepped out in front of the Fiat, and the bus roared around a corner and out of view. At last, the road cleared, and the Fiat lurched off, Nellie shifting awkwardly. They jounced down a few narrow streets, but there was no sign of the bus. Amy pointed. In a screech of gears, they set off in pursuit, picking up speed as the Fiat rounded the bend.

They were so focused on the chase that they raced right past the stopped bus, which was disgorging passengers at an ancient stone gate. Amy peered at the collection of very old buildings topped with steeples and crosses.

Peter's Archabbey," she translated, squinting at the wrought-iron sign. They could see Alistair's tall figure starting up the sloped path through the gate. Nellie frowned. Why don't you find a hotel and give Saladin a chance to recover from the trip?

Dan spoke up. How dangerous can it be? Try not to get yourselves killed. They entered through the gate, and Amy chose an English brochure from the rack. The monastery was founded in , but they think the Romans were here even before that.

He frowned. The oldest graves in the cemetery date back to around that time. It was like no cemetery Dan had ever seen -- overgrown with brush, the markers barely visible through the foliage. Instead of tombstones, the plots were represented by wrought-iron signposts with fancy old-fashioned script. Her nose was still immersed in the brochure. All at once, she grabbed his wrist and squeezed hard enough to splinter bone. Of course not! Now, we're looking for a communal tomb.

That's where the guidebook says she's buried. One of the others in her crypt is Michael Haydn, the famous composer, and one of Mozart's biggest supporters.

Compared to some of the opulent and elaborate burial chambers at St. Peter's, it was a simple stone structure bearing the names of the dead with biblical passages engraved on the walls. There was no sign of anything that could be considered a clue. So what? But now that she's been in this crypt for a couple hundred years, what difference does it make to her? How do you think I'd feel if you were considered this whiz kid prodigy and I was nobody when we were equally good at the same thing?

We're not good at any of the same things. Hey, what's that? The abbey abutted a sheer rock face. Fifty feet off the ground, the rough outline of a building had been carved into the mountain. Amy scoured the brochure. That's the entrance to the Salzburg Catacombs. They had come very close to being lost forever in the Catacombs of Paris. He wasn't anxious for a repeat performance. If there's a clue at St. Peter's, I'll bet that's where it is.

In the middle of the cluster was the tall figure of Alistair Oh. As soon as Uncle Alistair's tour disappeared inside the rock face, the Cahills rushed up the uneven stone stairs. Amy felt a creepy unease as she stepped inside the mountain -- as if they were being swallowed by something ancient and immutable, an immense, 70 silent creature as old as the earth itself. Amy and Dan exchanged a look of pure dread. The Paris Catacombs had been lined with human bones, grotesque skulls leering from all directions.

This may have been lower on the ick scale. But the sense of leaving the familiar for the freakish and threatening was even greater here. The tunnel was clammy and easily twenty degrees colder than the outside. Dan reached down and felt the familiar shape of his inhaler. This had to be the worst spot on earth for his asthma to flare up. Chill out, he reminded himself.

Attacks were brought on by extreme dust and pollen, not extreme creepiness. To their left was a small cave chapel straight out of The Flintstones. Uncle Alistair's group was crowded in there when the Cahills hurried by, covering their faces. The further they got from the entrance, the darker it became. The passage was lit only by a series of weak electric bulbs strung so far apart that everything faded to utter blackness in between them.

As they forged ahead, another tour group was walking toward them in the tunnel. Pale, top-lit faces vanished into the gloom only to reappear suddenly thirty feet closer. It was otherworldly -- as if the laws of nature no longer applied in this alien place.

The 39 Clues: Book Two: One False Note Worksheets and Literature Unit

Someone stepped on Amy's toe, and she drew in a sharp breath -- or maybe her gasp was a reaction to the man she saw in the halo of the naked bulb.

He was old, older than Uncle Alistair, probably in his late sixties, with weathered, cratered skin. His clothing was all black, so his head appeared to be suspended in midair. Amy's heart was thumping so hard that she was afraid it might punch clear through her ribcage.

She grasped her brother's hand and began towing him along the passage. Amy didn't stop until she was positive the tour group was out of earshot.

When Grace's house burned down, there he was. And when the bomb went off at the Franklin Institute. We've got to get out of here! That's double proof we're on the right track!

Sure, her brother was a dweeb who wouldn't last five minutes without her. But there were times -- like now -- that he found courage where she saw only fear. She swallowed hard. The tunnel split and split again, and they made careful note of the twists and turns.

Neither could think of anything more terrifying than getting lost back here, halfway between Salzburg and the earth's core.

The sting of eyestrain soon set in from scanning the endless walls for markings or coded symbols anything that might indicate a secret compartment or hiding place. Only rock greeted them, and the occasional trickle of water. Dan was on his hands and knees, investigating a "carving" that turned out to be a groove in the stone, when the string of electric lights flickered once and went out. Dark didn't even come close to describing it.

The 39 Clues, Book Two: One False Note

They were plunged into suffocating blackness, a total absence of light. It was as if they had suddenly been struck blind. The panic was like nothing Amy had experienced before. Her breath came out in gasps, faster and faster, as if the air she drew in was instantly sucked out of her. Dan flailed his arms, reaching to reassure her. But when he touched her arm, she let out a shriek that echoed through the passageway in all directions.

Dan struggled to think rationally. Who knows? Maybe he's just as lost as we are.

All we can do is retrace our steps and hope for the best. Dan tried to visualize the tunnels as they might appear on a map -- as intersecting lines. I'll run my hand along the other. We won't miss any turns that way. Oh, how Amy yearned for her brother's ability to reduce everything to a formula -- a series of instructions to be followed. For her, no formula could ever be separated from the sheer terror of this darkness.

She had a flashback to the Paris Catacombs, stacks of skulls grinning grotesquely at her. Yet at the same time she knew this was worse -- the shaft much narrower, the walls pressing in on her, trapping her in the rock belly of this mountain. Amy felt her way along the left wall, knowing that Dan was doing the same on the right. They locked fingers to avoid losing each other and talked constantly to keep out the terror that would surely overwhelm them if it found a way in. It had to be when we were little, little kids.

You know -- with Mom and Dad.

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